Mutsunori YAGIURA

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Department of Mathematical Informatics
Graduate School of Informatics, Nagoya University
Furocho, Chikusaku, Nagoya 464-8601, Japan
Phone. +81-52-789-4239 Facsimile. +81-52-789-4239
E-mail. y a g i u r a "at" n a g o y a - u . j p
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Brief introduction to my research interest:
We are working on combinatorial optimization problems, such as scheduling, routing, sequencing, assignment, covering, packing and cutting problems. We are mainly interested in devising efficient heuristic or exact algorithms for such problems. The methodologies we are interested in include branch-and-bound, dynamic programming, local search, Lagrangian heuristics, metaheuristics such as simulated annealing, tabu search, genetic algorithms, GRASP, iterated local search, variable neighborhood search, etc.

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